alluracedarOur Cedar Lap siding is manufactured to look like natural wood in various exposures. Our authentic woodgrain appearance is achieved with our advanced first-transfer system using real cedar boards. Our grain pattern repeats every 48 planks, which is the best in the industry. This means on a 20×24-foot wall, Allura’s planks will only have a maximum of two repeats. Previous survey results prove that 2 out of 3 consumers prefer the woodgrain appearance of Allura products over the competition. Details

allurasmoothAllura’s Smooth Lap siding is manufactured to look like smoothly sanded and freshly painted wood with a variety of exposures. Our authentic smooth matte finish gives the smoothest and the lowest gloss finish available for your home. Details


alluraperfectionshingleWhether for the whole house or accent applications, 7″ Straight Perfection Shingles creates a warm, inviting look that is mastered to be ruggedly beautiful. The authentic cedar woodgrain provides the appearance of real wood, while the staggered pattern creates an impression of cedar shingles that have been hand-sawn and individually applied. Installation couldn’t be easier because it comes in 12’ boards that install just like lap siding. You can also achieve a more random appearance by reversing alternating courses on the wall. Details

allurastraightedgeMake a stunning impression with a home sided with Straight Edge Perfection Shingles. Allura helps you make a statement because the styling is refined and formal, yet the authentic wood appearance creates welcoming warmth. Available in both 5″ and 7″ exposure, Allura’s easy 1, 2, 3 panel system installs quickly, ensuring that keyways are not lined up, producing a beautiful shake appearance with a thicker (5/16”) material than what is offered by the competition. Details

allurastaggerededgeAllura’s Fiber Cement Shingles are available in both a staggered edge and a straight edge style to provide a traditional random shake effect and eliminate all the guesswork associated with conventional shake application. Our shakes feature the protection of our proprietary primer/sealer that provides resistance to unwanted moisture while serving as a base for quality topcoats. They are also available primed and sealed with for painting any color under the rainbow after installation, providing the longest paint window in the industry. Details

allura7straightShingles are available in both a staggered edge and a straight edge profiles to provide a stylish random shake effect with the ease of Allura’s advanced installation offerings. Choose from 22 colors and 6 stains or go bold with our proprietary primed and sealed panels and paint any color you desire after installation. Sturdy and sophisticated, Allura’s shakes bring just the right pizzazz to any design.


allura8individualFor those who prefer actual cedar shakes, Allura’s Fiber Cement Individual Shakes is your dream come true. It provides the appearance of real cedar shake while offering the same advantages of our other fiber cement products. Each kit includes three individual sizes that are easy to install, while allowing you the flexibility to achieve the exact look you want for your home. Details

allurahalfroundsHistorically accurate detailing on gable ends, dormers and other architectural features take shape with Fiber Cement Half-Rounds and Octagons. Half-Rounds and Octagon Shingles are also available with Allura’s ColorMax® Finishing System’s line of 22 solid colors, featuring the protection of our proprietary primer/sealer that provides resistance to unwanted moisture while serving as a quality base for top coats. Details


alluraoctagonsHistorically accurate, thick, and rigid, Allura’s Octagon shakes are created with innovative engineering that provides a striking, on-the-wall performance. A low maintenance alternative to wood, the authentic looking shakes define beauty that lasts. Details