andysnip12MC12N/MC14N ANDY SNIPS

Sleek styling, easy blade replacement and larger handles make the Andy™ Snip more versatile. A sleek head design improves maneuverability. The slim nose is ideal for making cuts in tight material, shapes such as J-Channel, and new extended blade tips reach all the way into corners. A full 3″ cutting length makes straight shearing with the Malco Andy™ Snip fast and easy. Enhanced blade edges are precision ground and surface finished for smooth cutting in all types of applications. Blade replacement is easily accomplished in the field with just the use of a wrench or nut driver to remove the snip’s pivot bolt and insert all-new pressure-fit blades. The wider, thicker loops are 1/2″ longer for adder comfort and provide up to 10% more input leverage.


andysnipgripMC12NG/MC14NG ANDY SNIPS

Thick textured vinyl grips provide cushiony comfort, fit and control. Get a grip in wet conditions with these non-slip grips! Specify the new cushioned gripped Andy 12-inch pattern style snip as catalog number M12NG, or the 12-inch combination style as MC12NG. Feel the difference to see if a gripped Andy is right for you.





The NHP1 punches a generous 5/32″ x 3/4″ horizontal slot for adding or elongating nail holes in vinyl and .019 aluminum siding to accommodate irregular stud spacing.


handseamerS6 HAND SEAMER

Precise vee-notched depth graduations on jaws are in 1/4″ increments. Jaws are drop forged, high impact steel. Hardened steel handles resist abuse. Powerful compound leverage design. Tool also features rust resistant nickel plating. Non-slip vinyl grips with hand stops provide added comfort and resistance to elements.



snaplockpunchSL5 SNAP LOCK PUNCH

Snap lock plastic skirting and siding to finishing trim. Makes tabs in the cut edge of siding panel used as a finishing course at top of wall or below window. Tabs lock into trim.* Punch raises a high projection to compensate for natural relaxation of vinyl plastic. It also works well on aluminum siding but is not recommended for steel.



trimnailholepunchTNHP1 TRIM NAIL HOLE PUNCH

A 1/4″ x 1/8 slot is absolutely no bigger than what you need for supporting vinyl or aluminum soffit and fascia without risking buckling of material from temperature changes. And a narrow profile head, extra wide opening jaws and a big 2 inch throat assures that you can make trim nail hole slots exactly where you need them, not where you see them.

The TNHP punch easily fits inside soffit contours or over the lip edge of fascia. The result is a clean professional installation that is as easy to look at as the tool is to use. Built for long service it features Malco’s signature compound leverage handles and comfortable vinyl grips and hand stops. Not recommended for use with some styles of stainless steel trim nails.



Drive trim nails into soffit, fascia and other finishing trim without denting or marring material. All steel nose and aluminum tail piece directs weight of this punch to the working end when grasping or starting a nail. Accommodates up to 1 1/4″ standard trim nails. Nose fits into 1/2″ J channel.


zip toolSRT2 ZIP TOOL

SideSwiper Model SRT2 combines the comfort and added leverage of an easy-to-grasp straight handle with the smooth unlocking motion of a burr free hook. The blade of the SRT2 is angled from the bottom plane of the handle and allows the user to keep the wrist straight while keeping knuckles well above the work. Blade surface finishing and plating assures the sharply angled hook will not cut into the vinyl material or produce shavings. Additional comfort and control is achieved with a non-slip textured handle grip.