pro14PRO14 10’6″ BRAKE PRESS

The PRO 14 combines a 14″ throat depth with a wide 2-3/8″ mouth opening and patented inside working pockets. From soffit and fascia to custom brick mold, sill trim, window casing, chimney flashing and more, the PRO 14 easily produces custom pieces for any siding and roofing application. Its efficient, secure locking system uses a pulling motion rather than a pushing motion, allowing you to be closer to the tool when working with larger pieces. Individual bending handles also enhance easy operation, letting you get closer to the work. Our patented Moving Pivot Hinge allows increased bending power, and our unique hemming capability allows for 180-degree overbends to produce more rigid panels.



procutoffPRO CUT-OFF

The PRO Cut-Off lets you quickly and safely make factory-quality cuts right on your brake. Its single-pass cutting precision eliminates the use of dangerous utility knives and open blades, and the costly knifing damage they can cause to bending hinges. The ergonomic grip allows smooth, sure-handed operation. Includes molded plastic storage case, along with two PRO Cut-Off Gauges to simplify cutting with easy distance identification. Lightweight aluminum construction is built to last. For use with all brakes (1995 and after).



The Side-Winder enhances your efficiency by securing coil right on to your Tapco Tool system and feeding directly into the jaws of your brake – no more windblown, dirty, damaged coils. Attaches in seconds to PRO 19 or PRO 14 brakes (excluding 12’6″). Delivers precise cuts with integrated guide for the optional PRO Cut-Off roller shear.


brakebuddyBRAKE BUDDY

The Brake Buddy is a revolutionary tool that can add value to every siding job by delivering enhanced style and individuality to your trim pieces. The Brake Buddy allows you to produce brick mold trim and decorative ribs in seconds. The measurement guide and quick-twist handle deliver quick adjustments and simple, efficient operation. For use with any Tapco portable brake. Includes molded plastic storage case.


snapstandSNAP STAND

Completes your portable brake and saw table systems with sturdy, solid support that sets up in seconds. Legs adjust independently to level on uneven ground and fold flat for easy storage. Brakes and Saw Tables easily snap and lock into place. Adjustable heights from 29” to 34”. For use with all Tapco PRO Series Brakes, and MAX Trax and PRO Trax Saw Tables. Optional wheel Kit available for optimum portability.