markiiMark II TrimMaster

Building upon the reputation of the Mark I Series, the Mark II TrimMaster® arrives with leading technologies such as the POWERslot™, easier bending, making smaller “J” channels and hollow core hinge extrusions for added strength. We’ve also left you the ability to make fine-tune adjustments to this brake, though you may never have to. Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW), wedges are independently adjustable and replaceable should the occasion ever arise. After all, we believe a Van Mark brake is the closest thing to a “non-adjustment” brake you’ll find out there.



From mounting Van Mark brakes and saw tables, to using in cube vans, UniStand™ has truly lived up to its name. Not ones to leave well-enough alone, Van Mark is pleased to introduce UniStand Adjustable™ which features a 4-point adjustable leg system designed to give complete control over tool height and position with 6 height adjustments.



Van Mark now has the most rugged durable brake legs you can buy on the market today! UniLeg™ sets up fast and easy and with our unique leg flare-out design, you can rest assured your Van Mark tool is on stable footing.




Designed to make your job site life a little easier while saving you time and money, you can count on TrimCutter™ to handle your material cutting needs. As with all our products, we are confident this tool will become an integral part of your job routine. By the time you add up the savings in time and labor, you’ll realize what thousands of contractors already know, TrimCutter™ pays for itself in no time at all.



One of the more innovative tools to come along in years! You can now process all your scorable materials faster, easier and get a factory-edge every time. Be sure you get the right score, a QuickScore™.
Consider the advantages. QuickScore™ scores along the outer edge of the brake allowing a natural downward separation along the score line while the material snaps off into your hands, right where you need it. That means faster, cleaner edges with less effort.




Effortlessly integrate custom profiles into your trim work. Only TrimFormer™ offers “true” brick mold profiles. Affordable unit pays for itself in as little as one job. TrimFormer™ comes standard with brick-mold and rib dies




coildispenserCoil Dispenser

Coil Dispenser™ is one accessory that keeps paying for itself over and over. No unravelling coils and no wind damage are just two features that make this tool a must have for anyone in the trade. Coil Dispenser™ sets up fast and allows materials to be fed directly into most brakes, saw tables and slitters. Coil Dispenser™ works with Quickscore™ and TrimCutter™ for fast processing of materials down to desired lengths.



trimaslitterTrim-A-Slitter Combo

Van Mark Products proudly presents Trim-A-Slitter™ Combo, the one-stop slitting, rib forming and perforating station. For use on the job site and in the shop, Trim-A-Slitter™ Combo sets up fast and easy paying for itself in no time. No more fighting coil on a windy day. Simply load coil into one end and get the desired results you need at the other.